Gospel music in the UK

Gospel music happens to be a music genre in Christian music. Generally it is made up of Christian lyrics with significant use of harmony and the vocals are frequently dominant. The conception, performance, importance as well as the meaning of gospel music in UK is seen to be different due to cultural and social context. There are numerous purposes of composing and performing gospel music in the UK which includes artistic pleasure, ceremonial or religious purposes, and also as a product of entertainment for the public.

Basically, the derivation of Gospel music is from the African Americans who carried their tradition of African music into America and merged their traditions with the longstanding Christian hymns. The numerous techniques, as well as the syncopation and blue note allow gospel music all over the globe different from other genres of music at this time.

The overall purpose of gospel music in UK, outside the purpose of entertainment, is to worship God and to spread the message that Jesus is Lord, through the lyrics and melodies, which are repeatedly positive, inspiring and enlightening.

There are various gospel music groups in the UK today; however the Gospel Touch Choir has proven to be the spearhead, creating awareness on the UK Gospel music scene.

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