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Royal Wedding Choir inspired Demand for Gospel Choir

Like us, have you been thoroughly charmed by the gospel choir at the Royal Wedding? If so, we completely understand where you’re coming from. Watching the choice at the Royal Wedding was one of our favourite moments, full of warmth, hope and joy. If you happened to also be inspired by their talent, you are […]

Hire Gospel Choir – Offers Exclusive Musical Performances for All Weddings, Funeral and All special events

Gospel Touch Choir (GT Choir) is a popular London based gospel choir that can make any event memorable. The GT Choir group is known to add uniqueness to any occasion-weddings, birthdays – Birthday Choir, funerals – Funeral Gospel Choir, church events – Church Gospel Choir, festivals – Festival Gospel Choir, and more. This Black Gospel […]


Gospel music in UK – Gospel Choir Hire is Ideal…

Gospel music happens to be a music genre in Christian music. Generally it is made up of Christian lyrics with significant use of harmony and the vocals are frequently dominant. The conception, performance, importance as well as the meaning of gospel music in UK is seen to be different due to cultural and social context. […]


Hiring a Gospel Choir for WEDDING

Sometimes in the past, gospel choirs’ performances are only restricted to the church or other strictly-religious gatherings but now the idea of gospel choir performing at wedding ceremonies is now becoming widespread. It is usually very exciting and fun-filled. Below are some interesting reasons why you should consider hiring a choir for your wedding ceremonies: […]